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Executive Search

Prud'homme Consulting Group in Organizational Psychology inc. will help you identify the resources that can make a lasting contribution to your organization's growth.
Since 1980, Prud'homme Consulting Group has developed an expertise in executive search for senior and middle management positions.
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Your needs, our starting point

Our program follows the methodology outlined below :

  • In depth analysis of your organizational context ;
  • Detailed study of the position to be filled ;
  • Presentation of a proposal in which we set out our methodology and timetable for completion of the project ;

Where is the rare gem ?

Our head-hunting professional team has the expertise to find this gem. In addition to our flair and intuition, we use a vast arsenal of technical tools for every study :

  • An extensive network of business contacts ;
  • A database of candidates ;
  • Expertise of specialized psychologists and consultants ;
  • Tools such as corporate directories and membership lists of professional associations ;
  • The synergy of teamwork.

Our distinctive advantage : a rigourous evaluation and follow-up

All candidates are met for an evaluation of their skills, their attitudes and their professional interests. If you request it, in order to provide you with more information in making your decision, our psychologists can evaluate the potential of candidates selected using recognized techniques. In addition, once a resource is hired, Prud'homme will do periodic follow-up to help him become acclimatized to your organization.

And the cost ?…the best value for your money !

Through our partnership, you can :

  • Save your staff time and energy ;
  • Use your energy for other projects ;
  • Draw on our expertise and objective consulting ;
  • Take advantage our effective research methods ;
  • Minimize the time during which the position is available, along with adverse effects.

Our goal : your satisfaction

We offer this service on flexible and advantageous terms :

  • consulting fees are set according to the specifics of the intervention.

You will be very impressed with our team's versatility : they can be head-hunters, mediators, negotiators or support personnel in your search for a new resource. And finally, they are coaches, facilitating the integration of your new resource within your organization.

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