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Testing and skill assessment

An in-depth knowledge of your human resources, both present and future, can be a valuable aid when it comes to managing your organization. The team at Prud'homme Consulting Group in Organizational Psychology inc. helps organizations like yours develop and evaluate their human resources.

Our objective

Our goal is to provide you with a rigorous psychological evaluation, as well as clear recommendations so you can optimize your chances of success in choosing and utilizing your technical, professional and management resources.

Our resources

Our potential evaluations are performed by experienced psychologists with knowledge of and experience in organizations. They are able to prepare a psychological profile that addresses your concerns and reflects the reality of your organization.

Our methodology : rigorous and tested

Our intervention is based on the following information :

  • In-depth analysis of the organizational context ;
  • Detailed study of the position ;
  • Analysis and interpretation of results obtained from personality questionnaires and tests to measure intellectual potential and management capabilities ;
  • In-depth interview by a psychologist.

We favour a personalized approach to conveying results in order to make the experience as relevant as possible for the organization, as well as enriching and motivating for the person being evaluated.

Our goal : your satisfaction

We offer this service on flexible, attractive terms. Some tools are available on the website.

Psychometric evaluation and objectives

As you select a new recruit, you may ask yourself certain questions: Is this person really independent? Does he have a good capacity for adaptation? Is this person a persevering, cautious, dynamic individual?
You may also ask yourself these questions before assigning new responsibilities to a staff member.
This psychometric evaluation will provide you some measures of behaviors. You will get a good idea on how this person stands on a certain number of personality factors.


The benefits of this kind of tool are substantial. The psychometric evaluation enables you to:

  • Eliminate guesswork from your selection process.
  • Make more informed decisions when hiring and assigning personnel.
  • Tangibly improve your organization’s performance.
  • Design a training and development program.


Depending on the tools you will have chosen to use for each of your candidates, we will provide you with a respective interpretation of the results.

Security and confidentiality

Clients may rest assured that all transactions will be conducted according to the highest standards of security(Securnat) and confidentiality.
We at Prud'homme Consulting Group use a fully secure data transmission system and insist on the greatest discretion. Any information you may send us will be treated as confidential.

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