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Career transition

Saying goodbye to a key staff member is never an easy exercise. Since 1980, Prud'homme Consulting Group has supported organizations in planning their human resources'career transitions. Our service includes a specially designed module for managers and professionals in different industries and at different organizational levels.

Our resources

Our professionals are experts on the job market and possess knowledge and experience in understanding individual motivations.

Our approach

Our goal is to help the person take full responsibility in seeking a new job. We provide all the necessary support to help the person realistically identify his personal and professional qualities and interests.

Value added through partnership with us

We will facilitate the career transition by minimizing the negative impact the crisis situation may have on the person or employer.

A motivating, enriching and effective methodology

Our structured methodology makes allowance for emotional factors that may affect the person in transition :

Have I been left alone? ----> Taking charge

Why is this happening to me? ----> Optimizing Positive Feelings

Who am I? ---->  Assessing Professional and achievements

What do I want to do? ----> Identifying goal

How can i prepare myself? ----> Planning your self-marketing

I am ready Let's go? ----> Starting the search

A wise investment

For the organization :

  • Minimize adverse effects of the decision on the organization
  • Positive image for the organization's internal and external personnel
  • Calmer working climate

For the person in transition :

  • Saving of time and energy on job search
  • Greater effectiveness
  • Minimize the transition period
  • Psychological support

Our goal : your satisfaction

  • We offer this service on flexible, advantageous terms.
  • Consulting fees are set according to the duration and level of support desired by and for the person.
  • You are kept up-to-date on progress made by the person in transition.

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