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Corporate Profile

A Company, A Partner

“Prud'homme Consulting Group
in Organizational Psychology Inc.”

Prud'homme Consulting Group in Organizational Psychology Inc. (Prud'homme Consulting Group),founded in September 1980, is a service agency whose mission is to support your organization in achieving your objectives of efficiency and growth by optimizing the use of your human resources.In order to be able to offer you the support you need, we pay special attention to developing strong relations with your organization. We are attentive to all your needs and do our best to provide viable, relevant solutions that correspond to your values, interests and organizational style. We become partners in achieving your objectives.

Our Mission

To help your organization get an edge on the competition by developing and optimizing your human resources.

Our Team

Our highly competent, dynamic team is made up of a select group
of professionals, all experienced in human resources and mangement.Our
resources place great emphasis on creativeness and synergy in providing
effective, quality service to you, the client.

A fast-changing world

The worth of an organization is the worth of the individuals that make it up! In this fast-paced world, the personnel of large and small organizations alike are
exposed to wave after wave of change: new markets, new technologies, new management, new ways of doing things, new employees. The labour force is
now in perpetual change.

Prud'homme Consulting Group has developed an expertise in harmoniously implementing changes such as these.

Custom-made services

Extensive hands-on experience has taught us that successful changes result from custom-made interventions which always begin with a thorough understanding of the current situation.

This philosophy influences all our tailored-made services: recruitment, providing you with the perfect employee for the job; executive & management coaching and potential evaluation, helping you develop your human resources to the maximum of their hability; management training, supporting your team growing; carreer transition, providing a stimulating experience; organizational diagnosis and support in changes, bringing about concrete measures applicable to your reality and environment.

For us, there is no magic formula but a genuine concern to understand you fully and customize our approach to meet your needs.

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